Ruger Red Label

Ruger Red Label

Ruger Red Label

Type Over/under Shotgun
Weight 3.63kg
Barrel Length 71.12cm
Capacity 2 shotshells
Caliber 12 gauge
Introduced 1977 (20ga.) 1980 (12ga.)
Total Made through 1993 over 116000
Sights Gold bead front sight; gold bead middle sight as well on Sporting Clays Model
Country of Origin United States

Introduced by Sturm, Ruger & Company in 1977, the Ruger Red Label (below) is a high-quality field-grade shotgun with a single selective trigger. Two massive locking lugs projecting from the rear end of the barrel assembly are securely engaged by the locking bolt when the gun is closed.

When first introduced, the Ruger Red Label shotgun was available only in 20 gauge, with a blued finish on the receiver. Later guns have a stainless steel receiver and are available in 12, 20 and 28 indicators, with straight or pistol-grip stocks, and I variety of screw-in choke tubes.

The Ruger Red Label (Click for exploded View of Red Label) is a boxlock over/under with a graceful profile that results in a locking system that engages the barrel at the side of the receiver, rather than from underneath. A sliding safety thumbpiece located just behind the top level can be drawn backward to ready the gun for firing or pivoted from side to side to choose which barrel is fired first.

To avoid any possibility of ‘doubling’—both barrels firing with a single trigger pull—the Red Label features a pivoting inertia weight mechanism that, under recoil, pulls the sear selector out of engagement with the sears. The selector is inoperative until the weight returns to its forward position. This particular system allows the barrel to be discharged even if the first pull of the trigger results in a misfire. Although more substantial than some competing, imported over/under double guns, the Ruger Red Label has the advantage of being almost unbreakable—built to be rugged and utterly reliable.

Before there were Ruger firearms, there were Ruger hand tools. During the immediate postwar period from 1946-1948, William Batterman Ruger’s original company, the Ruger Corporation of Southport, Connecticut, made gear-driven hand drills and push-type spiral automatic screwdrivers.

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