North American Arms .22 Mini-Revolver

North American Arms .22 Mini-Revolver

North American Arms .22 Mini-Revolver

North American Arms Mini-Revolver

Type Revolver
Length 107.95mm
Barrel Length 28.575mm
Cylinder Capacity 5 cartridges
Caliber .22 Long Rifle
Country of Origin United States

This little .22 caliber single-action, the spur-trigger revolver is only 4.25in in overall length. To the uninitiated observer, it would appear to be a toy or an ornament, but it packs five rounds of high-speed .22 Long Rifle ammunition. The quick release belt buckle accessory offers immediate access and positive safety.

Introduced in 1975, the North American Arms Mini-Revolver could remind one of the tiny ‘suicide special’ revolvers of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. But appearance is as far as the resemblance goes. The NAA Mini-Revolver is beautifully crafted of modern stainless steel and will withstand years of use with the hottest .22 Long Rifle ammo.

Unlike most traditional single action revolvers, the NAA Mini-Revolver may be safely carried with all chambers loaded, with no fear of accidental discharge. The gun is designed with halfway notches between the rooms. After the gun is loaded, the arm is lowered into one of these grooves, where it rests safely. When the hammer is pulled back to the firing position, the cylinder rotates to the nearest chamber.

A further safety feature is the belt buckle accessory. For the revolver to be slipped into this ingenious device, the hammer must be lowered into the safety notch. A positioning pin on the buckle then efficiently locks the stick in place.

One disadvantage of this revolver’s design is that it cannot be loaded or unloaded quickly. To accomplish either of these operations, the cylinder must be removed. Multiple-round firefights, however, are not the purpose of this gun. It is a deep concealment weapon (see left) of last resort, designed to be carried in those situations where the presence of a larger pistol would be inappropriately or dangerously visible to others.

The prize for the ‘Tiniest .22 Revolver’ would probably go to the Baby Hammerless. Made in Philadelphia from 1896 to 1938, it was 93.66mm (3.69in) overall and was chambered for .22 Short cartridges. Unlike the NAA Mini-Revolver, it was double-action-only (DAO) and very fragile.

NAA Mini-Revolver in holster/grip


NAA Mini-Revolver with grip/holster open and closed

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