Ithaca Model 37

Ithaca Model 37

Ithaca M-37

Ithaca M37

Type Pump-Action Shotgun
Weight 2.994kg
Length 76.2cm
Magazine Capacity 6 shotshells
Caliber 12 gauge
Country of Origin United States

In the sixty years since its introduction, the Ithaca Model 37 has maintained a dedicated following. It has an ideal combination of light weight, natural balance, and smooth, effortless cycling. The Model 37’s bottom ejection makes it equally attractive to both left- and right-hand shooters.

When reviewed in the pages of American Rifleman, magazine in the September of 1937, the Ithaca Model 37 shotgun was called the lightest, slickest, smoothest, ‘corn-sheller’ ever examined. The pump-action Ithaca, with its corncob-shaped fore-end, attracted a good deal of attention in pre-World War II for a number of reasons. The lightweight Model 37 in 12 gauge was lighter than many 28- and 410-gauge guns then in existence. It weighed less that 6.25lbs with a 26in. barrel. Ithaca went so far as to offer an English Utralite version, billed as the world’s lightest shotgun. In 20 gauge it weighed only 4.75lbs. The new shotgun even catered to left-hand shooters with a reversible safety.

Ithaca’s Model 37 was the core shotgun for this Ithaca’s, New York, based firm. The shotgun was offered in versions modified for civilian, police, and military use. All models featured an underside loading port and ejection that made this pump-action suitable for both left-and right-hand shooters.

The Model 37 is still in production, but it was almost supplanted by Ithaca’s economy Model 87—produced from 1987 through 1996. Ultimately, shooters seemed to prefer the walnut stock of the of the Model 37 to the laminated butt of the Model 87, thus the classic Model 37 lives on, the companies producing these guns have changed…from Ithaca Gun Company to the Ithaca Acquisitions Corporation to the Ithaca Gun Company LLC.

Loading through the point where spent cases are ejected, the Ithaca Model 37 shotgun has smooth receiver lines unmarred by a side ejection port. Shooters who are easily distracted by the flight of ejected hulls need never worry with the pump-action Ithaca M37. Its casings fall downwards, below the line of sight.

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