German Racketenpanzerbuchse 43 Type Anti-Tank Rocket Launcher Overall Length 159.25cm Weight 9.30kg Capacity 1 rocket Caliber 88mm Country of Origin Germany   Similar in appearance and operation to the American M9A1 ‘Bazooka,’ the German Racketenpanzerbuchse ‘Panzershreck’ (Armor Terror) rocket launcher was a shoulder-fired weapon handled by a two-man team. It firedRead More →

Panzerbüchse Model 39 Anti-Tank Rifle PzB39 Type Single-Shot Anti-Tank Rifle Weight 12.35kg Length 1581mm Barrel Length 1086mm Magazine Capacity None; Single Shot Caliber 7.92mm/13mm Anti-Tank Muzzle Velocity 1265 meters/second Armor Penetration (see footnote) 30mm/100m/60 Country of Origin Germany   The Panzerbüchse Modell 39 (PzB39), or Model 39 Anti-tank rifle wasRead More →

H&R Handy-Gun Type Single-Shot Pistol Weight 1.36kg Barrel Length 31.12cm Rifling NONE Magazine Capacity NONE, Single-Shot Caliber .410 Gauge In Manufacture 1921-1934 Country of Origin Unites States   The H&R Handy-Gun is a smoothbore pistol, manufactured from 1921-1934 by the Harrington & Richardson Arms Company in Worcester, Massachusetts. It wasRead More →

MBA Gyrojet Holding the Gyrojet Type Special Purpose (Pistol) Length 234mm Barrel Length 127mm Weight 725.8 grams Muzzle Velocity 274 meters/second Effective Range 50 meters Magazine Capacity 6 rocket projectiles Caliber 13mm Rocket Country of Origin United States   T seemed to be a good idea at the time, butRead More →

U.S. M6 Air Force Survival Gun Type Over/Under-Rifle/Shotgun Weight 1.814kg Barrel Length 36.195cm Capacity 1 cartridge, 1 shotshells Caliber .22 Hornet, .410 Gauge Country of Origin United States   This rugged, versatile little gun was part of the U.S. Army’s Air Corps flight crew’s emergency gear during World War II.Read More →

U.S. M72 LAW Type Single-Shot Rocket Launcher Barrel Length 60.325cm Weight 2.36kg Capacity 1 rocket Caliber 66mm Country Of Origin United States   Developed in the 1960s to give the individual soldier a less cumbersome anti-tank weapon than the earlier 8.89cm (3.5in) ‘Super Bazooka’ rocket launcher, the disposable M72 LAWRead More →

U.S. M9A1 ‘Bazooka’ M9A1 ‘Bazooka’ and Warhead   Type Rocket Launcher Barrel Length 154.94cm Weight 7.26kg Capacity 1 rocket Caliber 2.36″ Country of Origin United States The M9A1 Rocket Launcher, or ‘Bazooka’, was a revolutionary weapon for World War II, enabling a lone infantryman to disable or destroy a tank.Read More →

US M79 Grenade Launcher M79 Grenade Launcher Type Grenade Launcher Barrel Length 35.6cm Capacity 1 round Caliber 40 mm Country of Origin United States   Also known as the Blooper, Booker, or Elephant gun, the M79 40mm Grenade launcher was one of the handiest and most useful weapons of theRead More →

Drilling Type Shotgun/Rifle Weight 3265.9grams Barrel Length 670.56mm Magazine Capacity 2 shotshells, 1 rifle cartridge Caliber 12 gauge/.30-30 Country of Origin Germany For versatility, you can’t beat a drilling ( the German word meaning triplet). The most typical variety comprises of two side-by-side shotgun barrels with a rifle barrel beneath.Read More →