Browning Automatic Rifle   Browning Automatic Rifle with Detachable Bipod     Browning Automatic Rifle Parts Diagram (click to enlarge*)     Type Machine Gun Weight 7283.5g Length 1219.2mm Barrel Length 609.6mm Rifling 4 grooves, RH Magazine Capacity 20 rounds Caliber .30-06 Springfield Muzzle Velocity 807 meters/second Cyclic Rate 500Read More →

MG13 MG13* Type Machine Guns Weight 10.89kg Length 1466mm Barrel Length 717mm Rifling 4 grooves, RH Magazine Capacity 25 round box magazine or 75 round saddle drum magazine Caliber 7.92 x 57mm Mauser Muzzle Velocity 823 meters/second Cyclic Rate 650 rounds/minute In Service Dates c. 1930-1935 Country of Origin GermanyRead More →

Degtyarev DP Degtyarev DP*   Type Machine Gun Weight 9.12kg Length 1290mm Barrel Length 605mm Rifling 4 grooves, RH Magazine Capacity 47 rounds Caliber 7.62mm x 54R Muzzle Velocity 840 meters/second Cyclic Rate 550 rounds/minute In Production 1928-1941 Country of Origin Russia   Made from 1928-1941, the Degtyareva Pakhotnyi (DP)Read More →

Johnson M1941 Light Machine Gun Johnson M1941 Light Machine Gun* (click to enlarge) Type Light Machine Gun Weight 6.48kg Length 1066mm Barrel Length 558.8mm Rifling 4 grooves, RH Magazine Capacity 20 rounds Caliber .30-06 Springfield Muzzle Velocity 853 meters/second Cyclic Rate 300-900 rounds/minute In Production 1941-1945 Country of Origin UnitedRead More →

Colt-Vickers Model 1915   Colt-Vickers Model 1915 Machine Gun*     Type Machine Gun Weight 18.1kg Length 1155mm Barrel Length 721.4mm Magazine Capacity 250- or 300-round fabric web belt Caliber .30-06 Springfield Cyclic Rate 450-500 rounds/minute Country of Origin United States/England     This water-cooled medium machine gun was theRead More →

Lewis Light Machine Gun   Lewis LMG (Click to Enlarge)     Type Machine Gun Weight 61.73kg Magazine Capacity 47 rounds Caliber .303 British Cyclic Rate 550 rounds/minute Country of Origin Britain     Developed by American Colonel Isaac Newton Lewis, the Lewis Light Machine Gun was the first lightRead More →

German MG42 Type Machine Gun Weight 11.34kg Barrel Length 53.34cm Cyclic Rate 1200 rounds/minute Caliber 7.92mm German Service Cartridge Country of Origin Germany   Adopted in 1942, the MG42 (shown below as issued to the Greek Army) was probably the best machine gun produced during World War II. Attesting toRead More →

Browning M3 Type Machine Gun Barrel Length 91.44cm Cyclic Rate 1000+ rpm Caliber .50 Browning Machine Gun Country of Origin United States The United States Browning M3 Machine Gun is a .50 caliber Browning M2 Machine Gun that lived earlier produced at the Springfield Armory through the 1940s and 1950s.Read More →

Gatling Gun Type Machine Gun Weight 181.439kg Barrel Length 88.9cm Magazine Capacity 40 rounds Caliber .45-70 Government Country of Origin United States   Boasting impressive firepower for its day, the hand-cranked Gatling Gun (shown here) Gatling Gun was the precursor of today’s Vulcan 20mm cannon. Patented in 1862, the gunRead More →

Danish Madsen LMG Type Machine Gun Barrel Length 58.42cm Magazine Capacity 20, 20, or 40 rounds Cyclic rate 400-450 rounds/minute Caliber 7 x 57mm Country of Origin Denmark   The Danish Madsen was probably the first light machine gun produced in substantial quantity. Almost every country in the world usedRead More →

Bren LMG Type Machine Gun Barrel Length 63.5cm Magazine Capacity 30 rounds Cyclic Rate 500 rounds/minute Caliber .303 British Country of Origin Britain   Introduced in 1938, the Bren Light Machine Gun (below*) is one of the most beautiful light machine guns ever developed. Originally designed in the Czech Republic,Read More →

Chauchat Model 1915 Light Machine Gun   Chauchat Model 1915 Type Light Machine Gun Weight 9.07kg Length 1143mm Barrel Length 469.9mm Rifling 4 grooves, RH Magazine Capacity 20 rounds Caliber 8mm Lebel Muzzle Velocity 700 meters/second Effective Range 1000 meters In Production 1915 – 1924 Country of Origin France  Read More →

U.S. M60 Machine Gun U.S. M60 Machine Gun on a Tripod   Type Machine Gun Weight 11.1kg Length 1105mm Barrel Length 647.7mm Rifling 4 grooves, RH (one turn in 305mm) Magazine Capacity Belt-Fed (disintegrating) Caliber 7.62mm NATO In Production 1958- Cyclic Rate 600 rounds/minute Muzzle Velocity 800 meters/second Effective RangeRead More →