A couple of years ago, a very neat polymer frame 9 millimeter pistol called the HS 2000 came on the market. It was made in Croatia. I learned about the gun when a writer for another magazine told me about it at the SHOT Show. Unfortunately, I didn’t get toRead More →

Ruger kept up with increasing as demand developed, but that didn’t deter the company from trying to update on the LCP. After Texas Gov. Rick Perry repeated one to shoot a coyote menacing him & his daughter’s puppy during a morning jog, Ruger highlighted Perry’s encounter with a “Coyote Special”Read More →

When choosing any handgun, you have several things to consider. Will this firearm be for home defense or carried for self-defense? Do you need a smaller frame to fit smaller hands? Will it need to be lighter in weight, or have more capacity? If it is intended for carrying, howRead More →