9mm Pistols for a Budget Minded Shooter

9mm Pistols for a Budget Minded Shooter

When choosing any handgun, you have several things to consider. Will this firearm be for home defense or carried for self-defense? Do you need a smaller frame to fit smaller hands? Will it need to be lighter in weight, or have more capacity? If it is intended for carrying, how will it be carried? Listed below are a few options that are dependable, affordable, and represent the variety of cheap 9mm pistols that are available for women on the market.

1) Smith and Wesson M&P Shield

S&W introduced the M&P Shield to compete with other smaller “Pocket Nine” pistols that are becoming more and more popular. The gun lives up to the other M&P pistols and is rated for +p ammunition. It retails in the 400$ range but can be difficult to find. The larger, higher capacity M&P line can be had for around $50.00 more.

Smith and Wesson M&P Shield

2) Ruger LC9

The Ruger LC9 is intended as a pocket carry pistol. They are lightweight but durable and reliable. The LC9 is small enough to disappear into a jeans pocket while remaining large enough for a solid grip. It has an excellent reputation, but it should not be used with more powerful +p+ ammunition. The Ruger LC9 can be had for 350-400$ depending on the local market.

3) EAA Witness P

The P series in the Witness line from EAA is the polymer framed models. They are manufactured in Italy by Tanfoglio and imported by EAA. The Witness line, with the Witness P in particular, is one of the best secrets in the market. These guns are accurate, dependable, and priced from $300 to $350. The witness series also has the advantage of interchangeable parts, allowing you to convert it to other calibers if you so choose. If steel frames are preferred, EAA offers them for 50-100 dollars more.

There are cheaper 9mm pistols available, however, once you go below $300.00, the quality takes a big step downward. While there are a few acceptable 9mm pistols under $300.00, they are not very easy to find. Many of them will require work to make them reliable.

4) Kel-Tec PF9 and P11

Equally regarded as both trash and treasure. Kel-Tec is affordable, and they offer an excellent warranty, yet the quality is just not there. $240-$300.


Made by former employees of Kel-Tec, and to roughly the same quality. The 1st generation of their CPX pistol was problematic and to be avoided. The second generation is better, yet still not free of rough edges. $240-$300.

6) Taurus 24-7 Pro

Taurus has a brand stigma. And it is not overly undeserved. However, with new management and a refocus on customer care, and quality assurance, Taurus may turn out to be the budget minded shooters best friend. The 24-7 Pro is a well-made polymer framed pistol. However, many currently in circulation were manufactured prior to Taurus’ new management techniques were instated. These pistols can be found for just under $300.

7) Hi-Point C9

When talking about affordable 9mm pistols, one cannot exclude the Hi-Point C9. It is blocky, and utilitarian. In spite of its reputation as a Saturday night special, it seems to be durable and reliable. It’s low cost and high popularity have made it one of the most torture tested pistols on the market. The biggest complaints tend to be about the low accuracy. But what more can you expect for a pistol that costs $160?

With such a wide variety of affordable 9mm pistols available today, and even more coming in the future, you should have no problems finding one that feels good, performs well, and is in your price range.

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