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A couple of years ago, a very neat polymer frame 9 millimeter pistol called the HS 2000 came on the market. It was made in Croatia. I learned about the gun when a writer for another magazine told me about it at the SHOT Show. Unfortunately, I didn’t get toRead More →

Ruger kept up with increasing as demand developed, but that didn’t deter the company from trying to update on the LCP. After Texas Gov. Rick Perry repeated one to shoot a coyote menacing him & his daughter’s puppy during a morning jog, Ruger highlighted Perry’s encounter with a “Coyote Special”Read More →

Browning Automatic Rifle   Browning Automatic Rifle with Detachable Bipod     Browning Automatic Rifle Parts Diagram (click to enlarge*)     Type Machine Gun Weight 7283.5g Length 1219.2mm Barrel Length 609.6mm Rifling 4 grooves, RH Magazine Capacity 20 rounds Caliber .30-06 Springfield Muzzle Velocity 807 meters/second Cyclic Rate 500Read More →

Sten Mark 1 Type Submachine Gun Weight 3.26kg Length 895mm Barrel Length 196mm Rifling 6 grooves, RH Magazine Capacity 32 rounds Caliber 9mm Parabellum Muzzle Velocity 381 meters/second Cyclic Rate 550 rounds/minute Effective Range 70 meters In Production 1941-1942 Country of Origin Great Britain   Although the ‘en’ in StenRead More →

Ruger Red Label Type Over/under Shotgun Weight 3.63kg Barrel Length 71.12cm Capacity 2 shotshells Caliber 12 gauge Introduced 1977 (20ga.) 1980 (12ga.) Total Made through 1993 over 116000 Sights Gold bead front sight; gold bead middle sight as well on Sporting Clays Model Country of Origin United States Introduced byRead More →

When choosing any handgun, you have several things to consider. Will this firearm be for home defense or carried for self-defense? Do you need a smaller frame to fit smaller hands? Will it need to be lighter in weight, or have more capacity? If it is intended for carrying, howRead More →

Makarov   Makarov*     Type Semi-automatic Pistol Weight 730g Length 161mm Barrel Length 95.25mm Rifling 4 grooves, RH Magazine Capacity 8 cartridges Caliber 9 x 18mm Makarov Muzzle Velocity 325 meters/second Effective Range 40m In Production 1952- Country of Origin Russia   Adopted by the Soviet armed forces inRead More →

MAS 38 MAS 38, left and right views Type Submachine Gun Weight 2.87kg Length 635mm Barrel Length 222.25mm Rifling 4 grooves, RH Magazine Capacity 32 rounds Caliber 7.65mm Long Muzzle Velocity 350 m/s Cyclic Rate 600 rounds/minute In Production 1938-1946 Country of Origin France Despite its odd, ‘downhill’ appearance createdRead More →

M3 ‘Grease Gun’, U.S. Type Submachine Gun Weight 3.696kg Length, stock extended 74.5cm Length, stock retracted 57.0cm Barrel Length 20.32cm Rifling 4 grooves, RH twist Cyclic Rate 450 rounds/minute Caliber .45ACP In Production 1942-1944 Effective Range 50 meters Country of Origin United States Cheap, ugly and efficient, the M3 submachineRead More →

MG13 MG13* Type Machine Guns Weight 10.89kg Length 1466mm Barrel Length 717mm Rifling 4 grooves, RH Magazine Capacity 25 round box magazine or 75 round saddle drum magazine Caliber 7.92 x 57mm Mauser Muzzle Velocity 823 meters/second Cyclic Rate 650 rounds/minute In Service Dates c. 1930-1935 Country of Origin GermanyRead More →

Beretta M9/92F Beretta 92FS Stainless Inox   Type Semi-automatic pistol Weight 963.9g Length 217mm Barrel Length 125mm Magazine Capacity 15 rounds Caliber 9mm Parabellum Rifling 6 grooves, RH Muzzle Velocity 390 meters/second In Service 1976- Country of Origin Italy The Beretta M9/92F, one of the world’s most famous double-action pistolsRead More →

Beretta Model 1938A    Type Submachine Gun Barrel Length 31.49cm Magazine Capacity 10-, 20-, 30, or 40-rounds Cyclic Rate 600 rounds/minute Caliber 9mm Parabellum Country of Origin Italy   In 1938, Italy officially adopted a submachine gun that has since been acknowledged as one of the world’s most beautiful. OriginatingRead More →

North American Arms .22 Mini-Revolver North American Arms Mini-Revolver Type Revolver Length 107.95mm Barrel Length 28.575mm Cylinder Capacity 5 cartridges Caliber .22 Long Rifle Country of Origin United States This little .22 caliber single-action, the spur-trigger revolver is only 4.25in in overall length. To the uninitiated observer, it would appearRead More →

Liberator Liberator Pistol Type Pistol Weight 445g Length 141mm Barrel Length 101mm Rifling None; Smoothbore Magazine Capacity None; Single Shot Caliber .45ACP Muzzle Velocity 250 meters/second In Service Dates 1942-1945 Country of Origin United States One of the cheapest military handguns ever produced, the Liberator pistol was made for behindRead More →

Winchester Model 1897 Type Pump Action Shotgun Weight 3.175kg (7lbs) Barrel Length 50.8cm (20in) Capacity 5 shotshells Caliber 12 gauge Country of Origin United States The Winchester Model 1897 shotgun was a replacement for the Winchester Model 1893 shotgun, which was primarily intended to shoot the black powder ammunition currentlyRead More →

Remington Model 1100   Remington Model 1100 Sporting 20       Type Semi-automatic Shotgun Weight 3.22kg Barrel Length 66.04cm Magazine Capacity 5 Shotshells Caliber 12 Gauge Country of Origin United States   In 1963, Remington’s gas-operated Model 1100 superseded their recoil-operated Model 11-48 and the gas-operated Model 58 andRead More →

German Racketenpanzerbuchse 43 Type Anti-Tank Rocket Launcher Overall Length 159.25cm Weight 9.30kg Capacity 1 rocket Caliber 88mm Country of Origin Germany   Similar in appearance and operation to the American M9A1 ‘Bazooka,’ the German Racketenpanzerbuchse ‘Panzershreck’ (Armor Terror) rocket launcher was a shoulder-fired weapon handled by a two-man team. It firedRead More →

Panzerbüchse Model 39 Anti-Tank Rifle PzB39 Type Single-Shot Anti-Tank Rifle Weight 12.35kg Length 1581mm Barrel Length 1086mm Magazine Capacity None; Single Shot Caliber 7.92mm/13mm Anti-Tank Muzzle Velocity 1265 meters/second Armor Penetration (see footnote) 30mm/100m/60 Country of Origin Germany   The Panzerbüchse Modell 39 (PzB39), or Model 39 Anti-tank rifle wasRead More →

Astra Model 400 (1921) Astra Model 400 (Click to Enlarge) Type Semi-Automatic Pistol Weight 1077.3g Length 235mm Barrel Length 150mm Rifling 6 grooves, RH Magazine Capacity 8 rounds Caliber 9mm Largo In Service Dates 1921-1915 Country of Origin Spain The Spanish Astra 400 (also known as the Model 1921), isRead More →

M1 Carbine Fulton Armory M1 Carbine Type Semi-automatic Rifle Caliber .30 M1 Carbine Weight 2.5 kg Length 90.5 cm Barrel Length 45.5 cm Effective range Over 300m Magazine Capacity 15 or 30* round detachable box magazine Muzzle Velocity 595 m/s Country of Origin United States The lightweight rifle of WorldRead More →

Ithaca M-37 Ithaca M37 Type Pump-Action Shotgun Weight 2.994kg Length 76.2cm Magazine Capacity 6 shotshells Caliber 12 gauge Country of Origin United States In the sixty years since its introduction, the Ithaca Model 37 has maintained a dedicated following. It has an ideal combination of light weight, natural balance, andRead More →

H&R Handy-Gun Type Single-Shot Pistol Weight 1.36kg Barrel Length 31.12cm Rifling NONE Magazine Capacity NONE, Single-Shot Caliber .410 Gauge In Manufacture 1921-1934 Country of Origin Unites States   The H&R Handy-Gun is a smoothbore pistol, manufactured from 1921-1934 by the Harrington & Richardson Arms Company in Worcester, Massachusetts. It wasRead More →

LeMat Percussion Revolver This appears to be a LeMat variation. Note the moveable striker to select either to fire the top (cartridges) or the bottom (shotshell) barrel Type Percussion Revolver Weight 1.41kg Barrel Length 16.51cm Capacity 9 cartridges (cylinder), 1 shotshell (second barrel) Caliber .42 (cylinder), .63 smoothbore (second barrel)Read More →

Degtyarev DP Degtyarev DP*   Type Machine Gun Weight 9.12kg Length 1290mm Barrel Length 605mm Rifling 4 grooves, RH Magazine Capacity 47 rounds Caliber 7.62mm x 54R Muzzle Velocity 840 meters/second Cyclic Rate 550 rounds/minute In Production 1928-1941 Country of Origin Russia   Made from 1928-1941, the Degtyareva Pakhotnyi (DP)Read More →

Thompson Submachine Gun   Thompson Submachine Gun with Drum Magazine     Type Submachine Gun Weight 4.85kg Length 86.0cm Barrel Length 26.67cm Effective Range 120 meters Rifling 6 grooves, RH Magazine Capacity 20 or 30 rounds (box), 50 or 100 rounds (drum) Caliber .45 A.C.P. Muzzle Velocity 265 meters/second CyclicRead More →

Rast & Gasser Model 1898 Rast & Gasser Model 1898 (Click to Enlarge) Type Revolver Weight 935g Length 229mm Barrel Length 114.3mm Rifling 4 grooves, RH or 5 grooves, LH Cylinder Capacity 8 rounds Caliber 8mm Gasser In Production 1898-1945 Country of Origin Austro-Hungarian Empire The 8mm Rast & GasserRead More →

MBA Gyrojet Holding the Gyrojet Type Special Purpose (Pistol) Length 234mm Barrel Length 127mm Weight 725.8 grams Muzzle Velocity 274 meters/second Effective Range 50 meters Magazine Capacity 6 rocket projectiles Caliber 13mm Rocket Country of Origin United States   T seemed to be a good idea at the time, butRead More →

Ljutic ‘Space Gun’ Type Single-Shot Bolt-Action Shotgun Weight 3.86kg Barrel Length 76.2cm Rifling None Magazine Capacity 1 shotshell Caliber 12 Gauge Country of Origin United States Looking more like a prop from a science fiction, the Ljutic ‘Space Gun’ is one of the world’s most unusual shotguns. It operates fromRead More →

Colt Woodsman Pre-war Match Target 1915 Vintage Colt Target Model (Thanks to the Bob Rayburn’s Colt Woodsman Homepage) Type Semi-automatic Pistol Barrel Length 165.1cm Magazine Capacity 10 Cartridges Caliber .22 Long Rifle Country of Origin Unites States Distinguished by its unusually configured heavy barrel with ‘bullseye’ marking, the Colt 1st SeriesRead More →

Sten Mark IVA and IVB Sten Mark IVA (top) and IVB (bottom) Type Submachine Gun Weight 3.45kg Length, butt extended 698mm Length, butt folded 445mm Barrel Length 95mm Rifling 6 grooves, RH Magazine Capacity 32 rounds Caliber 9mm Parabellum Muzzle Velocity 381 meters/second Cyclic Rate 570 rounds/minute Effective Range 70Read More →